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About Me

I am nourished through teaching, designing, and counseling with folks who want to experience more happiness and clarity, and who are committed to creating spirit-infused work & lives.  I love assisting mindful design. When done with joy and intention it invites an expanded sense of freedom about what’s possible as one travels from habits of the familiar and containment to spaciousness. In 1985 I envisioned this private practice, Shingyo, which has since become synonymous with me. In fact to some I am now known simply as “Shingyo” Shelley.

Shingyo’s Story

Beginning in 1985 Shingyo, then known as Shingyo Training Center, offered a series of original, creative approaches to enlightened entrepreneurship & business design. The first offerings were Non-Manipulative Sales and Wholistic Sales & Marketing classes. In 1995 Shingyo Design Studio & Transformation Services emerged where work & life design was provided primarilythrough a year-long studio named Designing My Practice: Practicing My Design. DMP’s name is a double entendre for designing one’s work infused with the elixir of a spiritual practice, then practicing that design. In 2008 Change of Heart was born. It was for folks on the threshold of change coming together using art, insight, and dialogue while traversing their life redesign.


Whether delivered in individual sessions, small groups, or university classes, Shingyo’s hallmark is creativity. Using metaphor, experiential exercises, and mindful, non-judgmental, present moment awareness with compassion, change simply happens. Visualizations, caves of making, red marbles, red threads, clay containers, rock cairns, poetry to inspire – these combine for a rich, organic experience. Shingyo offers alternative ways to richly discover more of oneself in relation to whole living and right livelihood. The experience and results have gratefully received excellent feedback, and the design of my practice rests effortlessly on this combination of consciousness-based principles and creative methods.

Shingyo’s approach is a great opportunity to gain fresh perspectives while benefiting from the wisdom of years of business and spiritual experience. You will find more information on my WordPress site including Current Offerings, Client Love Letters & Credentials. Included are short reflective musings, general life observations, and specific information and stories about the genesis of my original models.

And So

Whether starting or enhancing an entrepreneurial endeavor, creating right livelihood, going through a change of heart or simply becoming more whole, a compassionate companion to assist with your self-discovery process is a rich and wonderful experience; I am just such a companion.


Please feel invited to visit my site at http://www.shelleyglendenning.wordpress.com  call 206.949.4286  or email shingyoshelley@msn.com

Client Love Notes

I feel oh so blessed to have you as a guide on this business / spirit venture. ~ Felicia

Shelley is one of those people that you stumble across in life and immediately know that you have found a treasure. She’s brilliant, kind, wise, witty, incredibly creative, and delightfully eccentric. If you are exploring issues in your life or your business, you’ll find that her knowledge and insights are amazingly helpful and accurate. She’s someone you’ll want to talk to again and again. ~ Andrea

Designing My Practice is offered at Antioch University Seattle’s Center for Creative Change, fall quarters; Socially Responsible Marketing, winter quarters; Creativity & Innovation for Tumultuous Times, summer quarters.

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5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sheryl Allen
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 10:17:39

    Shelley I am delighted to reconnect! I love being part of your tribe and enjoy sharing the wisdom I’ve gleaned from your wealth of experience during my life challenging–and changing Designing My Practice Course. Working and playing with you was definitely a turning point in my life. You have an innate gift of seeing what could be in others and drawing it out naturally and authentically.


  2. Warren Chism
    Dec 15, 2012 @ 21:01:25

    So glad you created this tribute to Elaine. She was not my adviser but she was pretty neat. Somebody…I think Mary Storm…told me about Elaine’s passing a few months ago. Sad and sobering.

    I think of you often and wonder how you’re doing. Also your son. How’s things?

    Best wishes,

    Warren Chism (OSR 9)


  3. shelleyglendenning
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 08:24:32

    Thanks for reading, Warren. My son is doing well, as am I. Happy to be living in Seattle…heck, happy to be living! Great hearing from you. Namaste’, Shelley


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