Client’s Love Letters

I want you to know how much gratitude I have for the work I did with you. I can see these years later how much that work was the foundation on which I built my practice today. I love that we have circled and met again. It has put me in touch with my professional journey again.
Mark J Goodman, MA, LMHC
Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy
Designing or redesigning your work or next life stage?
Consider an original, organic approach to self-discovery through mindfulness and creative design thinking.

If your next phase is right around the corner and your question is What’s next?, this is an invitation to offer yourself the luxury to look inside for fresh insights. Take time revisiting your identity; take the time and space to think about your next questions: What do you want to do now? Who are you now?  Consider possibilities while consciously designing or redesigning your life and/or work, asking What might it look like now? 

A Client’s Story

Who am I without work? A recent client said that she came to work with me privately last year when she realized she was afraid to think about retirement, having postponed it for three years. She remembered thinking “I wouldn’t want to live with myself if I wasn’t doing something, if I was not productive or not of service.”

She continued, “I wanted a guide to assist me in creatively thinking about my skills and desires, assisting me in bringing them together in a new way; I wanted to continue to bring what shines about me into the world. I was thinking that my mother lived to 89 and if I were lucky enough, that meant I had another 25 years; what about that next 25!?” 

As I thought about mortality, I realized that I wanted clarity. I wanted something clear about what I was working toward, a process that put issues (mine) through a different filter, an alternative framework to think through my life.” 

What had been? What wanted to be? What to change? What wanted to be maintained?”

I wanted a guide to assist in reviewing and sorting, putting a little structure to it. I wanted enough of a framework, not prescriptive, to have an opportunity to be guided through a process where I could bump up against (my) stuff. I wanted a guide to give me precious singular time to support kind discussions about what was in my way. And, I had a high role in the process and high level of self-direction.”

Shelley knew a process through which I could discover obstacles and make definitive changes. With Shelley, I could fall into it, the exploration process, in a safe and soft space. I found changes that I wanted and needed to make, and I did; I made changes to the way I think. I was afraid I’d have nothing, it was all about work, and, I learned to be completely open to the process and see what came up; even my fears were welcome and offered something new to learn.” ~ Martha

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